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I studied Advertisement and Marketing but my passion has always been technology. I 've been working at entrepreneurship companies since 2013 in different industries including retail B2B, education and my last two years at Beat. I'm a problem solver and I have had the opportunity to work as CX, Product Tester, launching new markets and participating in local product projects as the Business Owner. I'm currently 32 year old. I've learned very basic knowledge of coding (HTML and Python). My favorite video game is Mortak Kombat, and my hobbies include watching product unboxing videos on YouTube and rugby (I have played for 12 years now!).

Miguel Mego

I studied Business & Technology Engineering at ITESM, which gave me solid knowledge and skills to work with start ups and scale ups. In 2014 I founded a company dedicated to software development, later on, created a project for kids to learn through virtual reality, which won a national level award and government funding. I later co founded a company related to fuel consumption expenses, which was a finalist in the GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneur Awards) finalist in Mexico, and was part of a 6 month incubating program with the Plug And Play Mexico Fund, which resulted in investment from the fund in its US subsidiary in Sillicon Valley. I now work at Beat as a Product Support Specialist, with the goal of improving my knowledge base and learning in a fast paced environment full of challenges.

Miguel De Llano

Joel Coria González

Asociada Sr de Protección de Datos y Privacidad de BGBG Abogados, con experiencia en consultaría en los sectores de telecomunicaciones, publicidad, retail, banca, casas de bolsa, turismo, servicios de salud y educación, entre otros.

Beatriz Jaramillo Jaramillo